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this is it. senior year.

Auditioning seniors only have control over one thing: preparation


What if rising seniors had an entire week to focus on the audition year ahead?


What if top professors gathered in the heart of NYC to work on audition materials and technique? 


What if there was a dress rehearsal for college auditions?


The College Audition Edge is the launchpad into senior year.

Head into audition season with fresh repertoire, endless connections, and invaluable confidence.

We're here to help

We get it. We've seen it. We understand it.

Stressed Student? Overwhelmed Parent?

college auditions.

How You'll Sharpen Your Edge

Transform Your Audition

  • Refine your book, master your material, and freshen your audition package with expertly chosen new repertoire.

  • Take an old monologue and finally connect with it, or toss it and find new material that you love performing

  • Want to look your best, at your current level, in a dance audition? We've got tips and tricks to make you shine!

Build Your Network

  • The College Audition Edge is the largest gathering of program heads and educational leaders outside of the actual auditions themselves!

  • Build lasting relationships with professors from your dream schools. They're your cheerleaders throughout this process.

  • Fellow students become your greatest allies as you enter audition season together. You'll not only share the year together, but also advice and experiences along the way.​

Simulate an Audition

  • At the College Audition Edge's 'Final Dress' Mock Audition, you'll get a full trial run ahead of the actual auditions.

  • Walk away with direct final feedback from the full panel!

  • Excellent opportunity to test how you feel moving and performing in your anticipated audition season fit!

Film Your Pre-Screen

  • **Optional Add-On Opportunity**

  • Reserved 1 hour timeslot for filming in a studio on the Satruday following the program.

  • Included 1 night's additional stay, accompanist, supervising CAE faculty, studio with full lighting and backdrop.

See Your Dreams

  • Enjoy two nights out on Broadway! You'll see two new shows from the 2023-2024 season with your friends!

  • Enjoy talkbacks and Q&As after the show with performers!

  • An experience that can only happen in New York, and only at The College Audition Edge.